The Tacos System

I just had the best Tacos experience. I'm quite infatuated with this Tacos I found in the city. First you have to know that the place is not fancy or comfortable in any way. You have to eat standing on your feet and trying not to get somebody else's tacos on your clothes or face.

I was on my way to a Starbucks in Mexico city so I was sitting on the Metrobus thinking that i have only one month living here and I'm already able to travel by this weird collective thing. To get on it you have to buy a card which is like a credit card only less troubling. Then you have to charge it with five pesos per ride. This system seems to be very successful 'cause at three o'clock every day you can have serious injuries there or loose your virginity (in some cases only) or get your wallet lost, but we're talking serious coordination here.

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So I got to the metrobus station called "Poliforum" I got off the bus and right in front of me was the World Trade Center known for the modernism in its architecture or something. I've heard it used o be a hotel and now the facilities are good for conventions and some other very important market stuff. Anyway, right across the street from the WTC is always a truck parked surrounded by a lot of people which of course caught my attention.

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There for 14 pesos you can have one steak taco with Oaxaca cheese made out of 2 tortillas and all the salsa you want. If you eat like a girl you can have only one and that's it, you'll be satisfied. But if you eat like me you can share one taco with another person and it's all thumbs up. The point here is these things are so delicious I can barely gasp to describe it. Here's the process for a very best WTC tacos experience:

1.- You order your taco(s), and a well trained guy write on a little piece of paper your order, then you have to pay the full amount and after he gives you the paper.

2.- Once you have that precious piece of paper you give it to the man in the kitchen he reads it and begins preparing it. (At this point I was already a big fan).

3.- The man gives you the taco on a piece of paper on a plastic dish. (The color may vary).

4.- You can add to your Taco: Lemon, salt, beans, green sauce, Pico de gallo, red sauce, fried onions or a nice big slice of cucumber.
5.- Finally you can order your Coca - Cola or some other drink and enjoy!

The fact that I only spent 22 pesos and i'm full up makes me think how cool it is living in Mexico city, having a crappy job like the one I have. Buy hey, I'm 26, in a couple of years I might be eating in Hooters, which is right down the Insurgentes avenue and I can be there in 6 minutes by Metrobus.

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